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What makes us G Comms?

Meet our highly experienced Leadership Team who all share the common desire to put our customers’ needs and doing what’s right by them at the heart of everything we do.

Claire Greenwood

Managing Director

As Managing Director, Claire’s role is very diverse and fast-paced, just how she likes it! Claire is continuously striving to make G Comms a safe and dynamic place to work, and along with her dedicated team she is always driving quality to enhance the overall customer experience.

Claire has worked in the telecoms industry for nearly 25 years, so it is a big advantage to share knowledge and experiences – both good and bad – with our team, partners and customers. She strongly believes that agility, responsiveness and flexibility are the main keys to our success and we are totally committed to helping our customers achieve their goals.

As a red head with blue eyes and freckles (less than 1% of the population have these combined features!) Claire is very unique. The ‘red-headed’ traits often shine through – passionate, driven and she doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Her motto is ‘don’t be held back because of fear of failure – feel the fear and do it anyway!’

John Greenwood

Non-Executive Director

John’s role is Non-Executive Director, which means he gets involved in most areas of the business. His passion is business development, seeking out new customers and also developing new services to offer our existing customer base.

John has spent over 40 years in the telecoms industry and has as much passion and belief today as when he started. When G Comms work as a team with our customers and use our knowledge and technology, we can solve most problems.

Every day is an opportunity to improve what we do and how we do it. We at G Comms look at the challenges we face as opportunities to work with our partners to develop solutions that benefit us all.

Chris Turner

Operations Director

As Operations Director Chris is someone who can influence, shape & lead the strategic direction of the business. Chris is responsible for the leadership and setting the direction of Operations including Inventory, Health & Safety, Service Delivery, Warehouse and Projects.

As well as supporting the MD, collaborating closely with the Customer Experience, Finance and Human Resources, Chris will directly instigate and influence the development of industry leading operational practice to ensure seamless and effective ways of working and excellence in service delivery between all business functions.

Shane Ward

Sales and Technical Lead

Shane’s role at G Comms is to promote the business core values whilst keeping an eye on the market to see where G Comm’s next success story could be.

Heading up the special projects, he works closely with Vodafone to provide them with a crucial value add solution like pre-staging cabinets prior going to site.

Our mission is to be the preferred supplier for all the MNO’s partners.

The best thing about Shane’s role is that every day is school day, all our customers have different needs and challenges, his role is to ensure we understand the demand and deliver a first-class service. From fibre to feeder, pre-staging or value add, we’ve got it covered.
None of the above could be possible without the unwavering support of the GComms management team.

Shane is a big kid at heart, he often play pranks on his friends and family just to keep them on their toes. Nothing to disastrous as everyone is still talking to him!

Lee Cowan

Operations Manager

As the Operations Manager, Lee ensures that the end-to-end customer experience follows the customer expectations, though innovation, measured and controlled working environment and the need to ensure best practices are always followed.  Working closely with service delivery to ensure our customers get the service they require to ensure their product is delivered on time.

Alan Kennedy

Programme Manager

As Programme Manager, Alan manages inventory for all customers and leads any inventory related customer visits or audits. Alan is the first point of call for anything stock-related, and he ensures that our customers have complete confidence that we’re looking after their kit to the highest standard.

Alan enjoys engaging with customers to improve their experience with G Comms. He gets tremendous job satisfaction from going above and beyond for our customers.

Chris McNally

Purchasing and Product Development Manager

Very much like Managing Director Claire, Chris’s role is diverse and touches on many areas of the business. He predominantly looks after the Purchasing Department whilst working closely with all other areas of the business to ensure G Comms are meeting customer’s expectations both from a quality, delivery, and price perspective.

Having worked in telecoms for 10 years, Chris has a solid understanding of the industry. When coupled with his sales and purchasing background he is able support the G Comms team in providing a bespoke turn-key solution to our customers, that continues to set the standard.

At G Comms, no two days are the same. Chris gets a real buzz from sales, savings, and process improvements all the way through to sharing his knowledge and experience with the team. It is impossible not to be passionate about his job as the enthusiasm trickles all the way down from the very top.

Roxy Stokes

Service Delivery Manager

In her three years at G Comms Roxy has worked her way to Service Delivery Manager. The service delivery department is often the first point of call for customers, and Roxy is here to ensure their expectations are met.

She gets a real sense of achievement from overcoming challenges, and loves how fast paced the job is. Roxy thrives liaising with customers to improve ways of working together, and to give the best service possible.

Her favourite part about G Comms has been watching it grow as a business and seeing the company culture evolve.

Ian Kimberley

Project Manager

As our Project Manager Ian brings his vast knowledge to the G Comms team. It is Ian’s responsibility to ensure the smooth running of the warehouse and the service delivery teams.

He’s always on hand to help, and enjoys building relationships with customers. His passion is working collaboratively to find solutions to issues as efficiently as possible.

Ian’s favourite G Comms experience was acquiring the pre-staging contract which allowed him to further understand customer’s needs, and build on his technical knowledge.

Toni Healy

Quality and Conformance Manager

As Quality and Conformance Manager, Toni supports all managers across the business. Toni ensures our culture of customer first. She looks at all areas of the business and creates new processes to aid in the continues growth of G Comms.

Toni has many years of experience in her role and loves to see members of the G Comms team be pushed to improve and succeed.

When Toni isn’t working at G Comms, you’ll find her raising money for charity. She has completed a 15-mile walk for breast cancer awareness as well as a 10-mile walk, and the mud run for various other charities. Her participation in charity events has also meant she now holds 2 boxing title belts for the midlands which are her pride and joy.

Michelle Wawrzynczyk

Finance Manager

With G Comms from the beginning Michelle is a stalwart member of the team. She’s worked with the Greenwoods since the year 2000, and so she was the obvious and best choice for Finance Manager.

Michelle has a deep understanding of the G Comms ethos, goals and workflow. She’s energised by the variety of tasks required in our endeavours, and loves nothing more than facing and overcoming challenges as they arise.

A finance manager will always be acutely aware of a company’s performance, and Michelle has been delighted to watch G Comms grow, and thrive. Michelle is very much looking forward to the future, and to see how much more can be achieved by G Comms.

“It’s been amazing to see the business expand so much in such a short space of time.”

Delilah Walton​

Administrative Support Specialist

As the Administrative Support Specialist Delilah’s role is built around the people of the business. She is the main contact for all HR related matters and focuses on employee engagement, communication and process improvements. Delilah works very closely with Claire and Chris T as well as the rest of the management team, supporting projects, initiatives and strategies.

Migrating from the Legal industry into the world of Telecoms she brings a wide range of experience and knowledge including HR, learning & development, project management and administrative assistance. Delilah is a qualified mental health first aider and has great enthusiasm for employee wellbeing and training.

Delilah is helping G Comms to build more innovative processes and procedures as well as designing new practices that focus on culture, engagement and employee development. She truly cares about each individual in the business and strives to encourage and support them in any way she can!

Amie Reece

Customer compliance manager

As a customer compliance manager, Amie is to oversee implantation and conduct internal inspections. Carry out review of processes and adapt a plan based on feedback. Maintain records and produce materials, sharing best practise. To ensure everyone adheres to in-house polices.
Amie takes responsibility of all our customer systems, ensuring they are consistently up to date ensuring their experience with G Comms is a smooth process.

Amie has a very bubbly personality and enjoys engaging with all customers, she will go above and beyond for her customers and colleagues.
Amie has progressed very quickly since joining G Comms starting as a Project systems administrator to a Customer compliance manager.
Amie’s biggest achievement outside of work is pride and joy her daughter Poppy.

My favourite thing about G Comms is how quickly individuals can progress within the business.

Andrew Bailey

Inventory Supervisor

Andrew is an Inventory Supervisor and has been working at G Comms for three and a half years. He ensures that all stock is located in a safe and controlled manner and that physical locations match the WMS system to improve picking efficiency and accuracy

His favourite part of the job is how fast-paced the role is as well as interacting with all of G Comms staff to boost morale.

Andrew’s least favourite thing is that he is one of the two Villa fans in the team so tensions can often run high!