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We’ve recently partnered with HSBC!

17 June 2021

They have supported us with an invoice finance facility (IF facility) so we now have a working capital solution that releases funds straight away when we raise an invoice.

The facility will allow us to receive 85% of the invoice value as soon as it’s raised so we obtain the capital whilst waiting for payment. The reasoning behind this was so there would no longer be a lag in our cashflow due to our customer’s credit terms (these can be 60-90 days). Due to this, we’re now able to expand at a faster rate and it’s in line with both our customer’s requirements and ours.

We are now in a good position to focus on our business strategy and customer experience with the reassurance that we have the full support and experience of the team at HSBC to let us know about any potential finance options we may need to exceed our goals!

Claire Greenwood, Managing Director of G Comms

The partnership with HSBC couldn’t have come at a better time as this year we are looking to do the following:

  • expand our warehousing footprint and take on an additional 50,000 sq ft of warehousing space to give us the room for new customers and projects. This will include more racking, fork-lift trucks and scanners;
  • capitalise our “value add” capabilities by setting up a pre-staging area for assembly, build and test of new and returned equipment;
  • invest in our IT and Warehouse Management Systems to improve the control and visibility of stock and stock transactions for our customers;
  • focus on our people to provide further training and accreditations to take both them and our business to the next level.

It’s a huge pleasure to have supported Claire and the team at G Comms Ltd with this funding package and I’m excited to be involved with the next stages of the company’s growth plans.

Blake McDonald, Relationship Manager at HSBC

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