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We’re now qualified First Aiders for Mental Health!

22 July 2021

It goes without saying that mental health is an issue that has always been with us, but for too long it was an issue that was ignored, swept-under-the-rug or flat-out denied. Fortunately those attitudes are fading, and being replaced with compassion and better understanding. Most recently it is an issue that has entered the public conversation through questions in parliament and from the bravery of some famous musicians, actors and sports stars.

All of which is great – indeed anything that helps remove the stigma or fear of discrimination is to be welcomed. Mental health issues are much more common than perhaps is generally understood. One in four of us will experience a mental health condition in any given year. One in six employees struggle with mental health in the workplace. In fact it was shown that work was the biggest cause of stress in the adult population.

At G Comms we want to ensure we’re doing what we can to protect the mental health of our employees. This is why we chose to send some staff on the First Aid for Mental Health course, where they qualified as First Aider for Mental Health (Level 2 RQF/ Level 5 SCQF).

Claire Greenwood, Managing Director of G Comms

The role of a First Aider for Mental Health isn’t to treat mental health issues – this should always be left to mental health professionals – rather the first aider is better able to recognise possible mental health issues with their co-workers. The first aiders will also have learned how to begin supportive conversations with the affected individual and help them seek appropriate, professional help.

We hope that this commitment to mental health will lead to a happier and healthy workplace for us all.

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