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We want to #BreakTheBias in the Telecoms Industry

8 March 2022

Women are seriously underrepresented within the telecoms industry, especially women in management positions. A 2020 Global Leader’s Forum survey discovered that in the majority of telco companies, fewer than 30% of technical roles are held by women. Plus, Vodafone is the only telco board with more than 40% of female directors. Here at G Comms, we want to do our part to #BreakTheBias and to help create a gender equal workplace.

Out of the 56 people that work for G Comms, there are 34 full time employees, 15 temporary staff and 7 consultants and contractors. 19 of these are women which equates to 34% of the workforce, including Claire Greenwood, the Managing Director of G Comms. We also have women in senior management positions such as in Service Delivery, Process Improvements, Finance and HR. These all help G Comms work seamlessly together and aids in the success of the business.

It’s really important to support women in the telco industry as it remains such a male dominant place. This is why we recruit neutrally and we continually support the staff throughout their career here, helping to #BreakTheBias. Without the women of G Comms, much of our success may not have been possible; such as our recent move to the new office, or attaining our Silver Investors in People award.

Claire Greenwood, Managing Director

Telco businesses need to stop ignoring the lack of women in the industry. In order to be more innovative, we need to create more diverse cultures and be more inclusive. G Comms are already doing that, but we must, and can improve and so are always looking for ways to do so. We want to pave the way for other telco companies and set a good example for the future generations.

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