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14 April 2022

We recently appeared in the Chamber of Commerce newsletter! You can view our story on their website.

We entered the market 7 years ago and have since enjoyed rapid and continuous growth. We are now among the most vibrant products and logistics providers to the UK installer market.

We have recently expanded our company in Coleshill by moving to a larger unit as we plan to keep on growing. During the previous 12 months, G Comms acquired new contracts with various major mobile operators, which necessitated a move to a new unit. This allowed us space for a new technical build area for pre-staging and fibre/cable assembly.

This expansion has meant that we can continue to recruit locally in and around Coleshill. Since the beginning, we have seized opportunities to promote staff internally and we pride ourselves on upskilling our staff. 

With the expansion of the business, we are consistently recruiting new staff locally but it has also meant that we can promote from within. This has been really exciting for us as we’ve seen people who started with us from years ago move into more senior management positions.

Claire Greenwood, Managing Director

But it’s not only warehouse space that has increased. We are also expanding our network as we are now official Chamber of Commerce members. The Chamber of Commerce helps to connect, support and grow local businesses – so it’s very exciting for G Comms to be part of the association. 

Another fantastic opportunity for us is our plan to obtain the Coventry green grant. The aim of the grant is to provide funding to local businesses so they can make their business and buildings more sustainable. We hope our application will be successful so the company can benefit from renewable energy by installing solar panels.

Being ‘green’ is ingrained in the way we work, it’s even one of our five main values. Making sure we are a sustainable and eco-friendly business has always been important to us and we continuously look for ways to be greener. Applying for the green grant is just one of the ways in which we are trying to reduce our environmental impact.

Claire Greenwood, Managing Director

It’s an exciting time for our telecoms company. With our expansion of the warehouse space alongside major projects – such as providing technical support for a test of driverless cars in Coventry – the future certainly looks bright for G Comms. 

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