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Along with moving premises and growing the team, we’re thrilled to unveil our refreshed brand identity.

22 May 2020

It is a very exciting time to operate in the UK telecoms installer market, with the 5G network infrastructure promising to transform every part of our lives. We’re going to be a big part of this transformation and we needed a brand identity to reflect this.

So we’ve spent the past few months working with the team at PLOTT Creative to come up with a refreshed identity and brand appearance that is fresh, modern and professional and showcases who we’ve become.

As part of the process the team were invited to roll up our sleeves and take time to reflect and re-discover what makes us special with the PLOTT team as our guide. We’ve delved deeply to discover the genuine, authentic soul of G Comms.

From here the PLOTT team have helped us tell our story from our humble beginnings back in 2015. PLOTT used their creativity to take our words and craft our 5 G’s  – the 5 values we live and breath every day. We now have these proudly displayed in our office to remind us all of the journey of self-discovery we all went on.

Why we exist

We exist to provide the equipment for the 5G network that will transform every industry, every business and every experience. We’re proud to be playing our part in keeping people connected, informed and safe.

We work with network providers and telecoms professionals who need a trusted product and logistics partner to support their core capabilities. G Comms’ dedication to continuously improving operations and looking for new ways to drive efficiencies sets us apart from our competitors.

This ethos helped us craft our new strap line ‘Always Evolving’. Our dedication to always putting our customers first is in our DNA and we thoroughly enjoyed reflecting on all the times we have lived and breathed this purpose with PLOTT.

Moving forward, we’ll be adding new material to our website on a regular basis, particularly in our news section, and new case studies area which will showcase some of our client stories. So watch this space!

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“From starting G Comms 5 years ago, I thought it was about time we created a new brand to reflect who we’ve become to inspire our people, our customers and our community. We’re delighted with the outcome. Have a look around our new website and let us know what you think.”

Claire Greenwood

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